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Fascination commission painting: personal art for individualists


Personal art for individualists

There are certainly people who think that art has no practical use. After all, you can’t eat it or water your flowers with it. But that is precisely what art is all about. Because it has tasks that go far beyond a practical value. Art is there to please us and to make the world more beautiful. Art documents people’s lives, it vividly shows what moves us and how times change. The history of art ranges from the cave paintings of the Stone Age to the digital art of the present and has always accompanied people.

Without the works of famous painters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo or Rembrandt van Rijn, we would have no picture today of the people, the fashion, the living conditions of past eras. Without the portrait painting of Hans Holbein, we would not know today what historical figures such as Henry VIII looked like, and the “selfies” with which artists such as van Gogh portrayed themselves still impressively document how many artists struggled with their lives and work. With art movements such as Impressionism and Expressionism, artists then increasingly took us into their colorful inner worlds, giving us the opportunity to see the world through their eyes – right up to complete abstraction. Commissioned painting occupies a very special place in art. Because it combines the work of artists with the dreams and desires of clients.

Commissioned painting for every living room

So art is much more than mere decoration, it is a living connection of people to life, to past times, to the inner world of feelings, which is common to us all. And fortunately, today we live in a time when we no longer have to be a king to have a portrait painted. Modern commission painting covers the entire spectrum of art, from famous paintings as posters to high-quality paintings by the artist from personal photo motifs. Of course, the most beautiful are paintings on canvas, which can be made in different techniques.

The most popular motifs in commission painting

From the Romanesque period of the Middle Ages to the present, people have always found and still find the same subjects fascinating. Nature and people have always inspired painters. Popular subjects in art are:

  • Landscape painting
  • Still life
  • Portraits
  • Nude painting
  • Abstract art

Many of these themes run through all eras and are more popular today than ever before. Even the painting techniques were still they so diverse. Oil paints are still considered the queen of color, but acrylic paintings also have an irresistible appeal with their unique luminosity. Digital art can also be designed on the computer and then implemented on canvas using the latest printing techniques. A picture on canvas is a high-quality and timelessly beautiful eye-catcher in any room. When choosing a motif, the whole world of painting is open to our customers. Particularly popular are portraits, animal pictures or landscapes based on the personal photo templates of our customers.

As long as the customer owns the rights to the photo, we can implement anything, taking into account any individual request for motif, style and painting technique. Approximately four weeks after the order, our customers can then receive their individual work of art. Unless otherwise agreed, the canvas is not stretched on a frame, but rolled up, shockproof and securely packaged. Prices vary depending on the degree of difficulty, size and desired painting technique.


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