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Art individually as desired: commission painting as an option


Art on demand: commission painting as an option

Commissioned art – At first, this sounds strange to modern ears. Historically, however, commissioned painting is not a new phenomenon. Many important works in art history were originally commissioned. In past centuries, princes and aristocratic houses as well as the church were important clients for freelance artists. It was only with the advent of photography that interest in this profession ebbed away, but this has begun to change again in recent years. In fact, painting by commission offers great opportunities.

Learn more about commissioned art, what is now all feasible and how you can recognize reputable providers.

Pictures painted after template – The possibilities

Art can be a constant source of inspiration just by looking at it. For example, it can cheer us up, fascinate us or make us thoughtful. In this respect, it is not surprising that all cultures have developed forms of art. Painting pictures from a template is a variant of art that has great advantages:

  • Few of us have the means to afford original Old Masters. What’s wrong with a good copy? Among other things, it is much cheaper.
  • How about having a work of art individually reinterpreted according to personal touches?
  • As long as the copyright issue is clarified, the customer can decide completely freely on the motif. Let paint a picture has never been so easy as today. This opens up a very wide range of possibilities.
  • For the client, there is the possibility to compare different providers and to choose an artist of his choice.
  • A picture paint from the photo is another alternative. However, for this we need a template.
  • A hand-painted unique according to individual ideas is guaranteed in any case.

But people who have experience with serious commissioned painting know that much more is possible. Have you ever thought about decorating entire walls? For example, it is conceivable:

  • Marble and other noble materials can be visually reproduced true to the original. An appealing look is sometimes enough to lift our spirits.
  • It can also decorate stucco, staircases and entire facades. This provides a special atmosphere.
  • Princelings and nobles once had large murals designed according to their own wishes. This is also nowadays an interesting idea.
  • Portraits such as family portraits, wedding portraits or animal portraits are lasting memories. They are ideal for example as a gift or heirloom.
  • Naturally, painterly decorations of wood and other materials are also conceivable. What is commonly referred to as peasant painting is a good example of this.
  • Let paint a photo, but also artistic implementations of lithography templates are also popular variants.

Of course, you can only enjoy the benefits of commissioned painting, provided that you work with a reputable provider. Therefore, inquire exactly about the offer of the artist.

Of course, artists now have more technical options than in times past, if a customer wants to have a picture painted or a photo painted. For example, there is the option of first drawing a picture digitally and then – if the client agrees with the result – transferring it to canvas. In this way, corrections are also easier to carry out.

Commissioned art experiences

The question is: How do I find the right artist for me? Unfortunately, fraud or the delivery of poor quality exists in every industry. However, there are some reliable criteria for choosing an artist that you should pay attention to:

  • A good starting point is to ask: Does the artist of your choice have appropriate references to prove? Has he completed a solid artistic training, sufficient professional experience and a good reputation?
  • What about the price-performance ratio? Is the order processing procedure transparent? Are there clear agreements that are also kept? It is always advantageous to record all commitments contractually.
  • How versatile is the artist? Is he able to respond to the wishes of the client?
  • What technical capabilities he brings? Does he also work digitally, with different materials and techniques and he knows different eras?

Some clients report that they first succumbed to the fascination of art after experiencing what diverse styles exist and how interesting the different historical periods and their frameworks. In art, there is something for everyone and this is even more true for commission painting. Art is not only a visual experience, but by engaging with works of art you can also greatly expand your educational treasure and beautify your premises.

We will be happy to explain the different styles and which paintings are best suited for which ambience. In this respect, the possible advantages of commissioned painters clearly outweigh the possible disadvantages.

How we work

Surely you are wondering under what conditions we work. That’s why you can find a few more details here:

  • The price depends on the size, the materials used and the level of difficulty. Ultimately, this is a matter of agreement.
  • We deliver about four weeks after receipt of the order.
  • The implementation of the individual wishes of our clients are a matter of course for us.
  • The images are delivered rolled, unless you specifically want a tension on frame.
  • You want to have a picture painted from the photo? Then we need of course the template.

Just contact us to learn more. Talk to us or leave us a message.


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