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The Art of Commissioning: How to Get Your Custom Painting

Imagine you have a photo of a very special moment in your life. It could be a picture from an unforgettable vacation, a snapshot of a significant event, or simply a photo of someone or something dear to your heart. Now, envision that this photo transforms into a handcrafted artwork that not only captures the beauty of the moment but also tells a unique story.

With us, you have two options: Either we create a 1:1 replica of the photo directly on canvas, or we produce a personalized digital design as a template for the final painting, which will then be hand-painted onto the canvas.

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Our talented artists will handcraft a customized artwork just for you. Simply provide us with the desired size, style preferences, and a photo (if available), and receive a free cost estimate for your unique creation.

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Capture Unforgettable Moments: Preserve special events, vacations, and beloved individuals forever with our artistic brushstrokes.

2. The process

Unique Artwork? Commission talented artists who guarantee the highest quality and attention to detail, and if necessary, also provide digital pre-production.

3. One-of-a-Kind

Your artwork has arrived! Show others how you brought your creative vision to life. Share it and inspire them to unleash their own creativity. Thanks for sharing.
Herbert FalknerHerbert Falkner
20:54 16 Aug 23
ich kam spontan auf die Idee zum 35. Hochzeitstag (Leinwandhochzeit) meiner Frau ein Ölgemälde von Ihr und mir zu schenken. Das hat, auch Dank der professionellen Beratung von Pascal super geklappt. Die Kommunikation war perfekt und so konnte ich meiner Frau das Bild am Hochzeitstag überreichen.Sie war Glücklich und " Habby Wife habby Life !"
Cihan ArıtürkCihan Arıtürk
10:22 10 Aug 23
Sehr freundlich und kompetent. Zuverlässig und der Preis wirklich Unschlagbarer. Ich empfehle die Agentur mit ein guten Gewissen weiter.Grüße aus Ingolstadt
Jan PauliJan Pauli
19:32 08 Aug 23
Dieses Bild wirkt sicherlich im ersten Moment sehr gewöhnlich. Für uns besitzt dieses Gemälde jedoch einen ganz besonderen Wert, da es unser selbsterbautes Eigenheim darstellt. Mit viel Liebe zum Detail wurde unser Traumhaus originalgetreu in Szene gesetzt. Die Beratung verlief von Anfang an sehr freundlich und professionell. Preise wurden offen angesprochen und passende Stilrichtungen angeboten. Alle Absprachen bezüglich der Fertigstellung und Versendung wurden exakt eingehalten. Ein hochwertiges und einzigartiges Kunstwerk schmückt nun unser Wohnzimmer und wird von vielen Besuchern bewundert. Wir empfehlen Auftragskunst mit gutem Gewissen weiter. Hier treffen individuelle Wünsche auf professionelle Umsetzung.
Puji FitrohPuji Fitroh
06:43 18 Jul 23
Ich freue mich, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass ich dieses Gemälde kürzlich bei Auftragskunst bestellt habe.Die präzise Maltechnik des Künstlers und die ultrafeinen Details verleihen dem Kunstwerk einen einzigartigen Charme.Sehr zufrieden.
Alison AmalindaAlison Amalinda
03:31 18 Jul 23
Ich wollte nur meine Begeisterung über dieses tolle Gemälde mitteilen, das ich kürzlich bekommen habe! Die Farben sind so lebendig. Auch die Textur ist wirklich cool, man kann sie fast spüren. Und obendrein sieht es so lebendig und fröhlich aus. Ich kann nicht aufhören, darauf zu starren. Gute Arbeit !!
Julia SchneiderJulia Schneider
13:12 20 Jun 23
Die Künstler haben ein unglaubliches Gespür dafür, was zum Kunden passt. Ich habe schon viele Komplimente für mein Kunstwerk erhalten.
Guang-zhen WuGuang-zhen Wu
10:42 16 May 23
Großes Lob an Pascal, der Inhaber von Auftragskunst für die Freundlichkeit, Umgang der komplizierten Umsetzung und den zeitlichen Rahmen. Bilder sind toll geworden. Die Kundenzufriedenheit wird hier wirklich an erster Stelle gesetzt.2x 120x90cm Ölgemälde
Marc J.Marc J.
23:43 03 Mar 23
Die Zusammenarbeit war super unkompliziert, auf alle Wünsche und Kleinigkeiten würde eingegangen. Das Ergebnis ist der Hammer geworden! Es wird weitere Aufträge von mir geben, da bin ich sicher. Danke!
04:35 20 Feb 23
Habe bei Auftragskunst ein handgemaltes Kunstwerk bestellt und bin begeistert! Perfekte Umsetzung meiner Vorstellungen und ein wunderschönes Unikat. Empfehlenswert!
Thoriq al QindyThoriq al Qindy
08:28 02 Jan 23
Koi’s haben mich schon immer begeistert. Jetzt kann ich sie mir auch endlich jeden Tag in meiner eigenen Wohnung anschauen. Vielen lieben Dank an das gesamte Auftragskunst Team. Wünschen euch ein Frohes Neues Jahr 2023.
Florian HeslFlorian Hesl
16:38 22 Dec 22
Ich habe mir ein Wunsch erfüllt und Paul Kalkbrenner auf einer Bühne malen lassen. Die Betreuung und Kommunikation war von Beginn an freundschaftlich und trotzdem professionell. Ich wurde bestens beraten und das Ergebnis ist super. Ich denke es wird nicht das letzte Gemälde sein was ich über Auftragskunst habe malen lassen! Ich freue mich auf weitere Projekte!


Order an Authentic 1:1 Replica of a Classic Masterpiece. Our carefully crafted reproduction faithfully captures every detail and accurately reproduces the original colors with precision.

Painting of Photo

Turn your photo into a one-of-a-kind painting. Our artists craft amazing artworks that breathe life into the beauty of your photo, capturing its details. Place your order today and fall in love with a timeless masterpiece.

Your vision

A customized painting created exclusively for you. Digital pre-production & subsequent hand-painted transfer to canvas. Be a part of the journey & experience how your individual piece comes to life.

Have picture painted: The perfect gift idea for any season.

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Have picture painted: What it costs?

Our prices are competitive and based on the size, style, complexity, and urgency of your order. Simply send us your photos and desired dimensions, and you will receive a non-binding quote in no time.




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Our Artists?

The techniques used by our artists are as diverse as their personalities. Some prefer abstract art, while others specialise in realistic paintings. Still, others have worked on their skills in the areas of watercolour, painting or photography. Our portfolio encompasses a variety of artists working in different styles and specialising in various techniques. This allows us to ensure that we select the perfect artist for each commission, catering precisely to your needs and preferences.

We transform your idea into a work of art. Begin the creative process now.

Su M. & Dominc A.
Su M. & Dominc A.@3rdroom_coworking
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Thanks to you, our office has now gained a new spirit. Who would have thought that images could have such an impact on well-being.
Songül & Birgül C.
Songül & Birgül C.@dr.cakmak & cakmak
Read More
Your artist has truly enchanted us. Whenever we look at our artwork, it brings a smile to our faces. We didn't expect it to turn out so beautiful.
Olaf G.
Olaf G.@ole.olsen
Read More
Wow. Cool product at really fair prices. An XXL painting with these conditions. If my apartment were bigger, I would definitely go for it again. Well, let's see what the future brings.
Fonky L.
Fonky L.@its_fonky
Read More
Thank you for my custom design. On canvas it looks even better from my perspective than the result created on the computer. Thank you very much.
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I'm thrilled with my hand-painted artwork! The artist perfectly brought my ideas and desires to life. The result is amazing. Thank you so much for everything. I will treasure it forever.
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I am simply speechless about the custom-made artwork by Kollegah. The details and colors are so lifelike, and the painting is simply perfect. The artist has truly created a masterpiece.
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It has become a real eye-catcher. It's simply amazing. Now I have a beautiful memory of my trip to Asia. Thank you very much, dear Auftragskunst team.
Read More
I am deeply grateful for the hand-painted Buddha artwork you have created. The high quality of the painting has truly left me speechless. It reminds me of the wisdom and peace embodied by Buddha.
Read More
This hand-painted cloud artwork is simply breathtaking. The realistic colors and shapes of the clouds exude a calming beauty. The artist has an extraordinary talent for bringing nature to life on canvas. I am grateful for this artwork. It is truly an impressive masterpiece!

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In this section, you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. If yours is not listed, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you, whether by phone or per Whatsapp.

Sure, choose the channel that suits you best. Here’s the link to Whatsapp to get in touch with us.


You have two options for having your painting created with us: We can either make a 1:1 copy of the photo directly on the canvas, or we can create a personalized digital design as a template for the final painting, which will then be hand-painted onto the canvas.

The price is determined based on the following components: the complexity of the subject, desired size, urgency of the commission, and design.

Auftragskunst relies on a global network of talented artists. With this network, we have the right artist for every challenge, making your dreams and desires come true.

When it comes to sizes, we can create almost anything your heart desires.

The duration depends on the size and complexity of the artwork. However, we will ensure that you are always kept up to date and informed about the progress of the project.

Yes, you can cancel an order as long as the work has not started yet. However, please note that we may charge a cancellation fee to cover any work that has already been done.

As the artwork is custom-made, we cannot accept returns or exchanges. However, we will ensure that you are satisfied with the artwork before it is shipped.

We include the shipping costs in the product price to provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience.

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Digital Sketch

If you're looking for something unique, we can also create a digital design to give you an idea of how your artwork will look before we paint it on canvas. This gives you the opportunity to make changes and adjustments before the final artwork is created. Here are a few examples to inspire.

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Explore a world full of creative possibilities! With our service, you have the opportunity to replicate artworks 1:1 or create unique new artworks by uploading multiple images. Our professional team ensures that each artwork is of the highest quality. We even start with a digital preview if necessary, to ensure that the result matches your vision exactly. Contact us now and let your artistic ideas come to life.