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Constantly new exhibitions

To inspire you, we regularly offer an exhibition in changing locations. If you are interested in furnishing your store with our individual paintings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Creative Studio

Welcome to our art studio, where we bring your unique vision to life with hand-painted art, all while capturing the creative process. Join us on this artistic adventure, where each brushstroke turns your ideas into beautiful works of art, and discover the magic of custom artistry

Ohrensessel - Cafe & Gallery

Ohrensessel offers delicious coffee from local Düsseldorf roaster. For this you combine all kinds of cake creations from their own production and offer you the possibility to organize your working day from here. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to enjoy and purchase modern works of art.

3rd Room in Düsseldorf

Now imagine that you meet people who are exactly like you - and yet completely different. Imagine what would happen to your ideas and visions if you didn't have to think them through and develop them on your own: Then a big idea becomes a really big thing.

Would you like your own exhibition?