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The perfect gift idea: Have an individual portrait drawn


Have an individual portrait drawn

You probably know the situation: You are looking for a very special gift for a particularly dear person, but you do not want to think of anything suitable. It should be something special, after all, you want to show this person that you have thought about and know what he is happy. A gift that you yourself are excited before this special person unpacks it, because you are so excited about his reaction and the eyes of the recipient shine and a big grin stretches across his face. If you’re familiar with the series “The Big Bang Theory,” you may remember the scene where Amy presents her best friend Penny with such a gift: a custom-drawn portrait of the two of them. Amy is quite fond of her own gift, which is why it ends up in her own apartment at the end of the season.

But why would you have a portrait drawn now? You may be familiar with the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We can only agree with that. We can understand the meaning of this sentence even better if we take a look at the origin of portrait painting. A portrait refers to a drawn representation of a single person, often depicting only the upper part of the body or the head. Likewise, several people can be depicted on a portrait by the artist. But why have the people already in the past centuries again and again portraits of themselves drawn? For the drawn one it concerns primarily the artistic representation of its image. For the artist, on the other hand, the challenge is to capture the personality of the object to be portrayed and to reproduce it for the viewer. This personalized art allows a glimpse into the soul and character of the person being drawn, allowing well-drawn portraits to evoke many emotions. If you want to have a picture of yourself drawn, you can choose between different ways of representation. In the number of people depicted, you can distinguish between single portraits, double portraits and group portraits. Furthermore, there is the possibility to differentiate according to the portrayed image section. The name of the image section always refers to the part of the body up to which the drawn person can be seen in the portrait. Painters can depict a portrait as a head piece, chest piece, shoulder piece (also known as a bust), half figure, hip piece, knee piece, or full figure. On the latter, the person would thus be depicted completely. Which section and angle you choose for the commissioned artwork is entirely up to you. To have a portrait drawn is a very personal decision, because on the one hand you have to trust the artist and on the other hand you have to choose the right motif, for example if you want to have a family portrait created as a souvenir or a portrait as a gift.

Our personalized portraits are lovingly handcrafted for you by our artists. Each order is very special to us and therefore deserves the appropriate treatment and attention. Stroke by stroke, brushstroke by brushstroke, your own individual masterpiece is gradually created. No matter if you want to have a portrait painted for yourself or if you want a combination of several pictures as a souvenir, our artists will create exactly the portrait you want based on the photos you upload.

When creating your individual portrait, the choice of colors also plays a major role. It determines to a great extent the atmosphere and the effect of your portrait. A black and white image looks classic and neutral, but can also convey dominance. For couples and family portraits, sepia tones are therefore more suitable. They create a warm and friendly effect on the viewer and fit into any interior. Colored images, on the other hand, look realistic, noble and lifelike. Ultimately, the choice of colors is purely a matter of taste. However, you should make sure that the chosen style fits into the respective interior, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the artwork for a long time and enjoy looking at it.

So that you can hold your personal work of art in your hands without much effort, we have built our ordering process very simple. We only need a few information from you and then our artists get to work. In the first step you select the desired style, then you decide on your individual desired size. Next, you can determine which colors our artists should use. This can be acrylic, oil or watercolor. Then you can upload your desired motif as a photo in our editor. If you have only a first idea, but no suitable digital image at hand, this is also no problem. In this case we will work out your desired portrait together with you. In the last step you tell us what budget you have in mind for the production and how we can contact you. Of course you have the possibility to change the style, the size and the desired colors during the whole order process, if you should change your mind. As soon as we have received your data, the production of your hand-painted portrait starts – completely individually and personally according to your desired motif.

If you want to have a picture drawn, you hold an extraordinary gift idea in your hands, with which you will certainly make a great impression and enchant the recipient – whether for a birthday, your anniversary or Christmas. Our personalized art simply makes you happy.


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